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Mattlures Handmade Swimbaits,Hard Bluegill Series,Bluegill Series,Baby Bass,Minnow Series,Woody Series Swimbait. f5customrods mattlures americanswimbait swimbait bassfishing doubledigit monsterbass blacksheepswimbaitco hammershad Matt Servant Mattlures Swimbaits shared a post. Mattlures Swimbaits. 6,387 likes · 22 talking about this. Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company. Introduction: Mattlures broke into the popular swimbait scene a few short years ago with their now widely known bluegill imitator baits. But a good, aggressive bait company never rests on their laurels. Just a small tweak here and there, a little more attention to colors. 25/07/2009 · I was just looking on the website, and I definitely want to get into the swimbait craze I have a Tru-Tungsten 4, not really used it. I just have some questions. I heard that when you are using a swimbait, you are pretty much fishing for one bite. But, the payoff could be 9 1/2 pounds;D. If I g.

Mattlures claim is the bait is made of a more durable soft plastic, but given the bait's size, ironically, durability is less of a concern because the U2 is small enough or the majority of bass to just inhale. With artistry such as this, it's tough to decide whether to fish these baits or put them up on the mantle. Matt Servant, owner and creator of Mattlures, believes the Mattlures Tournament Series Swimbaits are arguably the best swimming baits he has created to date. Extremely well balanced, they run true at all speeds - and have a great action even on the slowest retrieves. Each Mattlures Tournament Series Swimbait also features taxidermy quality. The Mattlures U2 Bluegill is the baby brother of the famous Ultimate Bluegill. Incredibly realistic, it has been improved in just about every way. Better balanced and featuring a more durable plastic construction for a longer life and the same great action, the Mattlures U2 Bluegill boasts some of the best paint jobs ever seen in a soft plastic swimbait. It not only is the most realistic LOOKING bluegill bait but the most realistic bluegill action of any gill bait I've ever seen. Reel it fast, slow, twitch it or anything else and you'd swear it was a live sunfish. I'll likely buy a medium or fast sink after I sell or trade my current one.

Built to swim with a slight nose-down posture, the Mattlures Ultimate Shad Series Swimbait is equipped with a larger hook with more gap for a better hook-up rate. Delivering taxidermy-grade detail and a finely tuned acition, the Mattlures Ultimate Shad Series Swimbait is a must-have for any swimbait. The Mattlures bluegill became available spring of 2004. It's a 5\" bluegill, and as you can see in the pics, it's a tall bait with a thin profile, just about how a bluegill is really shaped. The bait comes with a mustad ultrapoint hook on top and an eyelet on the bottom should you want to add a second treble. The Tail: The business end of Mattlures Tournament Series baits is a modified paddle tail. Servant ads a little fin for stability and a more realistic profile at the top of the bait's paddletail. Movement of the tail is good at all speeds and of course, exceptionally frantic at high speed retrieves. But even slow rolled the tail moves with good. MattLures Revisits Their Design and Brings To Market, The Ultimate Bluegill continued Slow Rolling: Once the bait reaches bottom, or whatever depth you choose, clicking your reel over and turning the handle slowly will pull the bait along at a nice, natural pace.

Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill Swimbait - TackleTour.

Mattlures U2 Bluegill. $18.99 5 Colors. Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill Series Swimbait. $23.99 2 Colors. Mattlures Ultimate Shad Series Swimbait. $23.99 2 Colors. Mattlures Upside Dead Stick. $60.99 Swim Baits by Brand. 10,000 Fish; 22nd Century Swimbait Company; 6th Sense; AA's; ABT Custom Baits; Angler's Choice; Arsenal Fishing; Attic Japan; Baitsanity; Bass Assassin; Basstrix; Beast Coast. This is a custom made original Bluegill swimbait. 7 inches. 4.25oz. 4x Mustad hooks, medium sink rate, all hand made, 300 swivels molded into the bait that is made of polyurethane and carbon glass with a thick plexiglass tail. The Mattlures Baby Bass was the follow up to Mattlures' very successful Bluegill bait and debuted in the summer of 2005. The Baby Bass is 5 inches long and weighs approximately 1.5oz. There are four available colors which include; Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striper, and Yellow Bass.

Mattlures U2 Bluegill - Tackle Warehouse.

PREMIUM SWIMBAITS FOR TROPHY BASS Mattlure's swimbait Company is dedicated to bringing top quality handmade lures to the fishing community. We are constantly in the process of developing new products to help our fellow anglers to catch the fish of their dreams. 18/06/2011 · Anyone have any experience with them? I bought one and it looked great in and out of the water. Reel it just right and it fished just below the surface throwing a slow wake like an injured sunfish. Caught a couple fish with it so I know it works. Problem is that fish number 2 decided to jump and. Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill. Author: Rob Belloni. Overview/History: Our first glimpse of the Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill came in late 2006. If the Mattlures Bluegill was a Suburban, you can think of this bait as the Escalade. More bling, with a slightly higher price tag. The Ultimate Bluegill comes in seven color patterns, with five members of. The Mattlures 6\" Swimbait was released in early 2006. This sinking swimbait weighs in at 1.35oz and uses a 4/0 Mustad Ultrapoint black nickel hook. There are currently four colors available: Light Trout, Dark Trout, Salmon, and Hitch. More colors including a Perch color will be made available in the future.

Mattlures Bluegill Swimbait

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